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Self-Audits to Avoid Civil Monetary Penalties

A Self-Audit Can Help Mitigate 43 C.F.R. 1003 Civil Monetary Penalties

1 – Initial Consultation

Establish baseline on case, timelines, and essential details of the statistical extrapolation.

2 – Selection of Claims

Review of assembled data by qualified expert statistician.

3 – Analysis & Documentation

Attorney briefed on opposition research and given list of questions for cross-examination.

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4 – Methodology

Estimation of cost to health care provider; specify tasks & objectives.

5 – CPA Certification

Brief attorney on initial findings; review strengths and weaknesses of case; pick litigation strategy.

6 – Brief to Attorney

Expert witness for your hearing provides the necessary testimony.

7 – Report (2 versions)

Assemble all information regarding the statistical extrapolation.

8 – Pleading Support

Report of findings.  A second report contains detailed annotations and notes for attorney.

"When the provider has performed a Self-Audit, it mitigates the amount of Civil Monetary Penalty."

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