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RapidCIATM Corporate Integrity Agreement

By employing our "turn-key" RapidCIATM Corporate Integrity Agreements, a provider an avoid tens of thousands in consulting and legal fees.

Master Plan

Complete integrated plan that incorporates all aspects of the Corporate Integrity Agreement including short and long-term issues.


We provide a documented workflow that is essential to initiate and continuously monitor the compliance system.

Training Analysis

Ensure that your training program meets the requirements of the OIG. Advice regarding e-Learning software programs for staff training.

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Specification of performance metrics required for reporting to the OIG and also for quality assurance.


Our CIA kits contain pre-made templates for all reports that must be submitted, plus the "feeder" documents needed to compile the reports.

Responsibility Matrix

Complete analysis of duties and responsibilities for all persons involved in meeting OIG requirements.

The Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) has emerged as a powerful alternative to an Exclusion Letter from the Office of Inspector General (OIG).  

CIAs are difficult to put into effect, and cost a great deal in legal and consulting fees.

Our service dramatically reduces this cost and gives you a pre-made template for your program, all customized to your particular requirements.

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Corporate Integrity Agreements to Avoid Audits

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