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Reverse Medicare & Medicaid Audits

Litigation Support to Reverse Medicare Statistical Extrapolations

Services for Attorneys

Resources for attorneys including discovery templates and best practices for management of Statistical Extrapolation cases.

Proven Litigation Strategies

We conduct a number of tests to verify that the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) has used a valid statistical methodology.

Expert Statisticians

Our expert staatisticians analyze the work of the Recovery Audit Contractor and identify any fatal flaws in the extrapolation.

We help you get the extrapolation thrown out and save you money.

In a Medicare or Medicaid Audit,  a statistical extrapolation multiplies the amount of money demanded of you.  A few dollars in claim errors in the audit sample can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the extrapolation. 

In order to reverse the statistical extrapolation, you need an expert to review the work of the contractor and determine if a valid statistical methodology was used.  

That is what we do.

Do you want to win your Medicare or Medicaid Appeal or have any problems with statistical extrapolations? Do you have any questions on how to get started with this process? Use our Contact Page and let us help you win.

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