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Testimony Guide

A Step-by-Step script that will assist the attorney in making the best possible case.  Presenting expert witness testimony can be challenging.  Although the Trier of Fact (Administrative Law Judge ALJ or Judge) may have a law degree, it is unlikely they are versed in statistics.

Presenting expert testimony on statistics is an art in itself.  Questions must be logical, clear and in the right order.  Important concepts needs to be clarified by easy-to-understand examples.

The attorney knows what to ask and when, and also knows that the answer will be.  Special side notes in the testimony guide help the attorney avoid any traps or admissions.

Opposition Research

Occasionally, the Recovery Audit Contractor will bring to the hearing an opposing statistician.  Their job is to argue that the statistical extrapolation done by the contractor is statistically sound.

When it is necessary to cross-examine the opposing statistician, the outcome may become an issue of scientific credibility. Opposition Research gives the attorney a detailed look at the other side's statistician, and indicates each area of weakness.

Opposition Research is essential to an attack on the credibility of the statistical witness provided by the other side.  

Report for the Record

A detailed Forensic Statistical Analysis Report probes the statistical work behind the extrapolation.

The report provides the results of our extensive testing.  We review all steps in the statistical methodology used, and verify all calculations and assumptions made.  In addition, we compare what was done to each component in the governing law or administrative rules to verify if the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) is in compliance or not.

A confidential version of the report is prepared with extensive notes, references and annotations.     

Depositions, Legal Brief Drafts, Confidential Coaching

We work closely with the legal team to provide them with advice regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the case.  This helps them avoid potholes in presenting the evidence and analysis.

When asked, we will provide draft legal briefs that argue the case.  These are prepared with correct legal citations according to the format demanded by the court. These briefs are indispensable in saving time for the attorney.  

Corporate Integrity Agreement Service

The Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) has emerged as a powerful alternative to an Exclusion Letter from the Office of Inspector General (OIG).  

CIAs are difficult to put into effect, and cost a great deal in legal and consulting fees.

Our service dramatically reduces this cost and gives you a pre-made template for your program, all customized to your particular requirements. 

Rush Service

Take advantage of our rush service that completes your analysis within 48 hours.

(Does not include Corporate Integrity Agreement Services)

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